UNSW Security Society


Current Committee

Andrew Bennett

Andrew Bennett - President

Daniel Phillips

Daniel Phillips - Vice President

Weilon Ying

Weilon Ying - Arc Delegate

Sean Yeoh

Sean Yeoh - Treasurer

Curtis Millar

Curtis Millar - Secretary

Being fairly new to the security scene, I have only really been involved with cyber security from the start of 2016. During that year, I studied security engineering and became the CTF head for the UNSW Security Society, organising the large CTFs that the society produced internally.

During 2017, I have been studying web application security and have become the secretary for the society, continuing to help in all aspects of running the society.

Clancy Rye

Clancy Rye - Community Head

Mitchell Shelton

Mitchell Shelton - CTF Head (Internal)

Luke Cusack

Luke Cusack - CTF Head (External)

Glenn McGuire

Glenn McGuire - CTF Head (External)

Cameron Lonsdale

Cameron Lonsdale - Workshop Head

Previous Committees

2016 Committee

Role Name
President Andrew Bennett
Arc Delegate Weilon Ying
Secretary Daniel Phillips
Treasurer Harry J.E. Day
Sponsorhip Head Sean Yeoh
CTF Head Curtis Millar
CTF Head Jordan Brown